The Black Wall Project

The Black Wall Project took place in Skid Row. I shot over 300 portraits of people in the urban community showcasing stories of their life experiences through facial expressions.


The Falling Whistle

The Falling Whistle project is a non-proft campaign for peace in Congo. Young boys were sent to the front lines of war armed with only a whistle. As a tribute to this campaign, I took a series of photographs honoring this cause.


On The Wire

A series of photographs shot through the streets of Los Angeles documenting shoes thrown on electric wires. A common gesture in drug dealings, drug dealers used to throw shoes on telephone wires to let their buyers know they were available and close by for business. This has now extended beyond the drug community, many of which are usually done for fun or for art's sake.


The Other Side

This project was intended to capture the many layers within one's psyche. Society forces us to wear many faces and masks despite what we truly feel inside. I took this concept and translated it to what is a very iconic symbol of this very idea, a clown.  In this series we see behind the emotional curtain, which serves as an interesting juxtaposition to the make up and costume.